Kari C.

Turning on the tv and seeing your commercial after a day of being so sick and crying and feeling like what you said about “not being a number but a person with you” would be true, and then me choosing to pick up the phone and call you out of all the others, was the best choice I’ve ever made. Not because I won, but because it made me remember something I’d forgotten being sick and fighting so hard every day, there are still people in the world who are good, honest, sweet and kind. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all you did and for the hug and comment you made leaving the court. “It’s people like you that I do this job for.” I will never forget the honest deep meaning in that. Please thank Kristi for all she did as well. She is also a delight to have met.

Helen R.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful way you have taken care of me and for praying with me and even being there just to make me feel more at ease. Thank you for standing up for me and for protecting at the last hearing from what I would have gone through in front of the judge and doctors.

I know you worked hard and I could tell you genuinely cared about me. If I ever need an attorney for this again…don’t be surprised to hear my voice.


Thank you once again for agreeing to take a case you would not otherwise touch with a 10 foot pole. There is a special place in Heaven for people like you. I’ll probably be down a few stories.


I wanted to tell you what I’ve been thinking: You’re not just a lawyer, you’re a human being.

I felt pretty comfortable during this process because you made me feel like you really cared. I feel so blessed to have met you.

Kenneth E. 

Donna: I thought that I would send you this card to show my appreciation for fighting so hard for me when we went before the judge and no matter how it turns out, I know that you gave your best and I will ever be grateful for all you did to win the case for me. Thank you and may God bless you always.

Vanessa J.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help in my disability case. I prayed for an attorney who made me feel comfortable in court during my hearing, and for someone who really cared and would help me in this journey. I believe God sent you to me, and I appreciate your hard work and compassion more than you know.


Thank you so much for all your sincere guidance and help. You made the process so much more comfortable.


I just wanted to say thank you again for all the hours and work you put into my case. I can never thank you enough! What a God send you were to me and I am forever grateful to the Lord for leading and guiding my path to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will never forget you and what an awesome lawyer and blessing you have been.


Thank you so much for helping me to win my case and be accepted to receive my benefits.

Without your expert advice, I would never have been able to win. I feel like your expertise in knowing what to do and say was the key to our success. Also your kindness toward me at our last meeting will always mean a lot to me.

God bless you and your office. God bless the USA!

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